JP Wasicko – drums

Christina Ward – bass

Anawim Avila – guitars, woodwinds, voice

Composer, Anawim Avila, pulls from so many disparate genres that all comparisons slide into a black hole of contradictions. The music is simultaneously rock and avante-garde, absurdist and meaningful, masterful and naive, weightless and heavy. Avila’s vocal musings have a lonely dreaminess of the New Romantics (think Prefab Sprout), while flute and guitar lines flutter like robotic Sun Ra butterflies over a driving, throbbing rhythm section. There is a quirkiness that fans of David Byrne, Kim Deal, and Rick Okasek will find familiar. Live, the band is hypnotic, more performance artist than rock band, and while your body wants to dance, your eyes cannot look away. If you crave a truly new experience, you must see and hear them live. No one could possibly describe the experience to those who have not been there, in their bodies, themselves.

Shaun Ellis

There is a pizza party in my head. There is a horn section, And flutes in my bed. Sometimes I dream of pizza. The sauce is spicy. I like peppers.

– Delivery Kid